British Car Enthusiasts:
Spring in the San Joaquin normally equates to superb, bordering on perfect, British car weather.  If your favorite Brit. iron has been cocooned for the past few months, now is the time to awaken her and revel in the driving rites of Spring!  Sure, your modern computer-on-wheels may have bun warmers and heated steering, but such conveniences further insulate the driver – and passenger(s) from true driving passion.  So, before the nanny state decides that our antiquated contraptions are too dangerous, and further, that we must all “operate” self-driving vehicles, let’s take advantage of the present circumstances and exercise our motor cars as intended!  To this end, your Steering Committee has devised a smorgasbord of driving delights for the next few months, a list of which may be found below.  However, these events serve only as a beginning; I sincerely hope that all VBAC members will feel empowered to augment these scheduled activities – it only takes a leader and one follower to create an activity!  So, if you have more ideas, an event or activity that you would like to add to the schedule, please contact me at:, or see me at the next meeting.  Alternatively, just agree to meet with a few like-minded friends for an informal gathering!
To summarize:  Let’s Motor!

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