It has been an eventful year for VBAC members, from the initial Steering Meeting in January through the wine tour in February, the Erin Go Bragh Rally in March, the various car shows our members attended, a number of local runs organized by our members and, of course, the VBAC Roundup in October.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of our officers and members, our events are well-attended, properly organized, and fantastic fun! While many have contributed to the VBAC world, it would be negligent of me not to name a few whose contributions consistently exceeded expectations:

Russ and Tami Weber: Russ is your long-serving and diligent treasurer, without whom our finances would be as murky as the North Sea; though I suspect Tami is the brain behind the facade!
Warren Prouty: Warren is our loyal VBAC correspondent, equally adept behind keyboard or camera. If you have read the VBAC section in the British Marque, you have benefited from Warren’s prose.
Kurt Lanse: Former VBAC president Kurt is the Roundup Chairman and general go-to man for all club matters. It’s fair to say that without Kurt, there would be no VBAC, as he is one of the founding members.
Rick and Betty Rogers: Rick is also a former VBAC president, however he and Betty’s club contributions continue as they are still instrumental behind the scenes for much of the Roundup logistics; in addition, Rick has helped numerous VBAC members keep their old British Steel on the road!
Steve Phillips: Steve normally arranges one or two runs per year and is also the coordinator for the Roundup run/rally; this year he was greatly assisted in this endeavor by Jon Brothers.

I know there are many others who help with a variety of VBAC duties, and whose contributions are greatly appreciated, however time and space prohibit mentioning all helpers…but Thank You!

It is, however, with regret that I must report that professional and family obligations dictate that as of January 1, 2017, I can no longer serve as VBAC President. My three years has been extremely enjoyable, learning the different aspects of club management and organization, meeting VBAC members and non-members alike, serving as a sort of ambassador for VBAC to outside organizations and also ensuring that sufficient activities were created, organized and made available for our members.

In VBAC, as with any voluntary group, the organization is only as successful as its’ members participation. Therefore, I hope that the next holder of the VBAC Presidential title brings with him/her the new ideas, enterprise and vitality which will see VBAC thrive!

I hope to see all of you at the annual Christmas party…however, if I don’t, all the best to you and yours for a joyful Christmas and a spectacular New Year!


Martin Connolly

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