United British Sports Car Club All British Motor Car Show and Swap Meet

For Many years now, the middle of May has meant going to the United British Sports Car Club’s ” All British Motor Car Show and Swap Meet”. When I first started going to this show, it was held in the “gold country” near Sonora and Jamestown in the Fairgrounds at Plymouth. This was my first exposure to an all British car show and I was amazed at seeing all these cars in one place at one time. The swap meet couldn’t have been better since I had a list of things to get for my Healey a mile long. The show’s fairground atmosphere and the combination of British cars with a swap meet hooked me and I had to go back and a tradition was born.

As years went by the show grew and moved to the fairgrounds at Dixon. All the good things from Plymouth were still at the show only more of it. There was also a new item that there was more of and that was the weather. A new tradition of weather patterns formed for the show; It was either cold and rainy or hot as Death Valley. You might think this was a bad thing, but it is part of the Show and it’s becoming an added twist to the day. I know that the middle of May should have nearly perfect weather and I imagine that there may have been a perfect day in the past 20 or so years that the show has been held, but whenever I think back on the shows that have been hot or cold or wet, it’s always a good memory. The Dixon Show continued to grow to well over 200 cars and every year the quality of the show has improved. The Show has kept it’s “laid back” feel which allowed camaraderie to develop. Now I could add seeing buddies to the tradition. Last year the show moved to the Yolo County Fairgrounds in Woodland. The USBCC kept all the successful ingredients of previous shows. The 200 plus British cars with a swap meet, and a great fairground setting with good familiar faces. The Show featured all the great British marques you could ask for, including the First Place Winners Circle cars; a Jaguar Mark V and an Austin-Healey Silverstone. A British double-decker bus selling good British eats like “Bangers and Mash” as well as Hamburgers and Tri-Tip sandwiches made the Day. All in all, the show was it’s traditional self. As for the weather it was in the very pleasant hi 80’s 3 days before the show and 3 days after the show. The day of the show it was 106 ! So next year I will get my sunscreen, shorts, flip flops, my Rain slicker, boot and umbrella together for my rip back to the “All British Motor Car and Swap Meet in Woodland….after all it’s a tradition.

by Kurt Lanse