Over the years, British car production has come up with a whole host of vehicles that the nation can rightly be proud of and here are ten of the best British cars of all time.

1.    Jaguar E Type

When it first rolled off the production lines back in 1961, the E Type was an instant hit and it has been winning an array of awards ever since. The E Type is known for its smooth contours and classical looks and in 2008, it won a Daily Telegraph poll for the most beautiful car of all time.

2.    Morgan Plus 8

Britain may lag behind the rest of the world when it comes to mass production of cars but when it comes to hand built vehicles, there isn’t a country across the globe that can compete.

Morgan is arguably the best example of that and the Plus 8 has been its flagship model for many years. Credited with keeping the company going through countless recessions, the Plus 8 is an upgrade on the Plus 4 with a powerful 3.5 Rover engine under the bonnet.

3.    Austin Mini

No list of great British cars would be complete without paying homage to the Mini. This is, quite simply, the most iconic car design ever and whilst it is often copied, it has never been bettered.

First appearing in 1959, designs have altered little and it even has its own class of cars, the Supermini, named after it.

4.    Aston Martin DB5

Sometimes, for a car to be considered as ‘great’ it has to become a vehicle of choice for that great British hero, James Bond. As such, the DB5 was the first and the best.

First appearing in 1963, the classic looks were complemented by a powerful 4.0 litre engine and a top speed of 145 mph.

5.    Rolls Royce Silver Cloud

The only difficulty here is in deciding which of the many classic Rolls Royce models should make it onto this list but generally speaking, the Silver Cloud is acknowledged as the best of all.

With a 6.2 litre engine and 115 mph top speed, it has impressive credentials but its beauty shines through above all.

6.    Lotus Elise

The 1996 Lotus Elise marked a return to the best of British car production. With a completely fibreglass body and a new design, Lotus brought the golden era of British motors kicking and screaming into the 1990s.

7.    Triumph Spitfire

Designed to compete with Austin Healey, the Spitfire became a classic in its own right. First appearing in 1962, five different models were built and eventually, sales began to outstrip its competitors.

8.    Land Rover

If you’re looking for a car that is hard-working and won’t let you down, the Land Rover is hard to beat. For sheer longevity, this deserves to be on any list and the car is so versatile that it will look as comfortable in a desert as it will on the High Street.

9.    Ford Cortina

Choosing between everyday cars from a bygone era is tough but the Cortina wins the race. With five versions over 20 years, it was a long running success and is sadly missed.

10.   TVR Griffith

Bringing things right up to date, the Griffith is a compellingly beautiful car that proves Britain can make great vehicles in any era.


Oct. 13 2011