First Run of 2013

Breakfast at Dala Horse in KingsburgJanuary 26th, 2013; weather forecast; chance of rain, if not then a chance of tule fog or a combination of both. We were not sure what it was going to do this time of year, but we set up a breakfast run to Kingsburg anyway. Most of our members of VBAC come from Fresno or Visalia and Kingsburg is a midpoint to hook up. The Dala Horse Restaurant was the destination. They are well known for their Swedish Pancakes.

I set up a meeting spot for the Visalia group at a grocery store parking lot at the edge of town. The ride of choice on this morning was our ’71 MGB Roadster, my co-pilot (my lovely wife) prefers the top up, which was fine with me since it turned out to be a high fog with a constant drizzle coming down. Well, three other British cars were daring enough to show up, all three were Triumph TR6’s. I decided to take the long way into Kingsburg, vs. getting on the Freeway. I used to be into farming and love taking the country roads. I like to take my time and check everything out.

Well, after getting some introductions we headed off. One MGB and one TR6 (tops up, I think I heard wimps whispered), two of the TR’s had their tops down. The constant drizzle kept the roads wet and I needed to run my wipers. It still cracks my wife and I up when those three little wipers are doing their best to keep the wet off the wind screen. In order to keep the tire spray off their cars we kind of spread out a bit. In my mind it went like this; check out those TR6’s falling back and can’t keep up with my B. We all have dreams.

When we got into the Swedish Village of Kingsburg and pulled up to the Dala Horse we did see a few more Little British Cars outside, a good sign. When we got inside our group almost took up the whole place, albeit a small place. They added a couple more tables for our group to fit. As I mentioned they are famous for their Swedish pancakes and I had been drooling all the way there thinking about them, (of course I told the wife it was drizzle coming in from my window). My wife loves their oatmeal pancakes and I think she had the beginnings of drool breaking the edge of her mouth also.

Well, we ate and got to meet some new people. We also got to hear about some interesting projects that people had going on and I am hoping for some follow up on a few of those. I think a grand unveiling by one might be in order. After breakfast we took a few pics outside and the group headed off in their own direction. By now the sun was beginning to break, so the wife and I took more back roads home.

As always thanks to all those who showed up, no matter the weather, and those of you reading this from other states, where you drive in snow and have weather much worse than us here in central California, much respect.


Paso Robles – British Invasion at Vino Robles

In August a few members of the Valley British Auto Club headed to the coast. We were invited to the British Invasion at the Vina Robles Winery in Paso Robles. They were celebrating the 60’s with a live band, wine and fish and chips, with a display of British cars. Hey, whats not to like; entertainment, wine, cars, wine, and food and more wine. We drove over that morning checked in and rested before the event at 4 ish. They had us park our cars up and down the driveways. A TR3 and 2 MGB’s represented our club. There were about 40 cars in all.

British cars in Paso Robles

British cars in Paso Robles

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It’s About That Time of Year Again – Roundup Time 2012

It’s about that time of year again,

when the Valley British Auto Club puts on it’s “British Car Roundup” in “Old Town Clovis”, CA. This year’s show is the weekend of Sept. 29 and 30 and is open to all British cars.  Start the weekend off with a run into the Sierra mountains on Saturday with a wonderful catered lunch waiting for you put on by Fresno Wildlife and Rehabilitation for the benefit of the Valley Nature Education and Rehabilitation Center and a “meet and greet” dinner that night in the patio at the Yosemite Falls Restaurant.

Sunday, Sept. 30 is the car show. One of the good things about “Old Town Clovis” is that is located smack dab in the middle of California. This brings in British cars from as far north as the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento area and as far south as the  Los Angeles basin providing plenty of “eye candy”.  If your passenger seat occupant doesn’t really get a kick out of talking about carburetors, tires or engine compression, guess what, “Old Town Clovis” closes down it’s streets for the car show and an Antique and Collectable Show with around 100 antique vendors in the street along with the cars and the various stores, restaurants and art galleries.

If you want more to eat than a hot dog and a coke in a can, you can go to one of the many fine restaurants serving just about anything you want.
And of course there is our world famous “Oil Spot ” competition that can be won by applause, cheating, bribery or any other way, after all we have the best judges money can buy. Some of them may even run for congress.
This show grows every year and has everything except you and your car. For more information and entry form go to or call (559) 352-7968.

Fossil Discovery Center – Madera, CA

Looks like a bear to meClick on the monster for more photos of the run….

The Valley British Auto Clubs July run was to the new Fossil Discovery Center of Madera County. The museum displays fossils found at the Fairmead County Land Fill located across the street. Fossils were first found there in 1993 when workers spotted some unusual coloration in the soil. It turned out to be a complete fossil of a Colombian Mammoth Tusk from an animal that roamed the valley floor 500,000 years ago. Other animal fossils found include the Saber- Toothed Cat, Dier Wolf, Short Faced Bear, Camels and Horses. 15,000 large animal fossils have been found so far in the land fill. Read the rest of this entry

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