Paso Robles – British Invasion at Vino Robles

In August a few members of the Valley British Auto Club headed to the coast. We were invited to the British Invasion at the Vina Robles Winery in Paso Robles. They were celebrating the 60’s with a live band, wine and fish and chips, with a display of British cars. Hey, whats not to like; entertainment, wine, cars, wine, and food and more wine. We drove over that morning checked in and rested before the event at 4 ish. They had us park our cars up and down the driveways. A TR3 and 2 MGB’s represented our club. There were about 40 cars in all.

British cars in Paso Robles

British cars in Paso Robles

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A British Car Birthday Wish Come True

CAMBRIA, CA – Valley British Auto Club member Richard Thornberry hit a milestone early this February, (i.e. he can now get his AARP card) Richard was granted a birthday wish, that wish was to meet our VBAC friends at the coast and do some driving with our British cars.  (Photos)

Richard selected Cambria as the center point for our festivities.  Richard and his wife Marta left Visalia Friday night in their MGB.  The Triumphs would meet them there on Saturday.  Betty and I packed the TR6 early Saturday morning and left for Lemore to meet up with Monica and Dennis in their TR7.  Russ and Tammy took their Triumph TR4 to Paso Robles where they overnighted at Bruce and Nancy’s house.  The TR6 and TR7 made Cambria at 10:30am, right on time.  We collected up the MG and made for Vineyard drive in Paso Robles.  We met up with Russ and Tammy’s TR4 and Bruce and Nancy’s TR250 at Adelaida Winery for a private wine tasting.  After enjoying some wine we took the tops down on our cars and drove north on Adelaida Drive with it’s moss covered trees and beautiful country roads to Starr Winery.

To be able to drive on the first week in February, top down in short sleeves was a real treat.  After Starry Winery we drove on the country roads west of Paso Robles stopping here and there until we drove back to Cambria for dinner.  Sunday was a free day.  Those that stayed in Cambria met for breakfast and a walk on the beach.  After breakfast we went our own ways.  Richard and Marta and the MG stayed in Cambria.  Monica and Dennis went to Morro Bay.  Betty and I went to San Simeon to see the elephant seals and then to Morro  Bay for some shopping.  All and all I hope Richard had a great birthday.  The weather was a “10″ . The cars loved the drive.  The TR7 tried to stay in Morro Bay, but I had a little talk with it, and it agreed to take Monica and Dennis home.  I am glad Richard and his MGB don’t mind driving around with a bunch of TR’s.   Thank you to VBAC club members Bruce and Nancy Pittman for planning Saturday’s driving festivities.